Tunnel traffic control centres

Tunnels are built to make users’ lives easier. Our tunnel traffic control centres play an essential role in delivering against this. In the event of incident, accident or catastrophe, our traffic management systems allow operators to react and adapt in an efficient and effective way.
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We deliver state-of-the-art traffic control systems

From a single tunnel traffic control centre to a multi-tunnel command centre, we deliver state-of-the-art traffic control systems for tunnels as either part of an entirely new project or an upgrade to an existing facility.
Our control centres fully integrate services such as traffic detection and monitoring systems, lane control, variable speed limits and vehicle controls such as traffic lights, barriers, and dynamic messaging.
A new build or renovation of a traffic control centre is also an opportunity to identify opportunities to improve efficiency and interoperability between tunnel systems. We support our clients with this, calling on input from colleagues working in other engineering or consultancy disciplines as needed.

End-to-end traffic control centre design
The need to develop an entirely new traffic control centre is rare but thanks to our involvement in high profile projects, we have the experience and expertise to guide and support clients through the whole process from design to construction management of a brand-new control centre.
Expertise beyond tunnels
Thanks to our partnership structure, our tunnel experts have access to a global network of consultants and engineers who cover disciplines ranging from transport and planning, infrastructure and buildings to water and digital.
Multi-system interface
Each tunnel in a system has its own control centre. These in turn are managed from a centralised command centre which might manage traffic for multiple tunnels and other infrastructure, such as bridges. We work with all operators, clients, and users to design and create an integrated system which supports safe and efficient control of all traffic assets.
Digital modelling
Our traffic management experts work closely with teams in BIM and digital twins to help develop and improve digital modelling for the tunnel(s). This allows our traffic control systems to be tested, and verified in a safe digital environment, leading to more efficient decision and design processes.
Robin Gerrets - Project leader/Consultant


Project leader/Consultant