Delivering other tunnel services

Our expert design, engineering and delivery of tunnels is enhanced by our additional services that ensure tunnel safety, operational excellence and peace of mind throughout the tunnel lifecycle.
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Tunnels last a lifetime and we believe our services should be ready to support throughout. Our additional services bridge the gap between construction and operation, and between today’s tunnels and the next generation.

Through advanced FEM analyses, we can delve into the details to provide guidance and assurance on new and existing tunnels. While our range of tunnel safety and maintenance services can ensure robust protocols, thresholds and processes.

All of our solutions are integrated within our teams and supported by our parent companies Royal HaskoningDHV and Witteveen+Bos. Allowing us to call on an unparalleled depth of expertise and experience.

How we deliver additional tunnel services

Tunnel safety and operational safety
Nothing is more important than proper tunnel safety. Our experts work from the beginning of a project through construction, to the maintenance and operations. Ensuring safety is maintained and robust protocols are implemented and upheld.
Advanced Finite Element Analysis
When it comes to major infrastructure projects, you can’t take your eye off the details. Our Advanced FEA can reach a higher level of detail and reporting than any other analysis or modelling. So when complexities arise in your project, we’re ready to navigate them with you.
A health check for your tunnel
With our regular health check service, you get fresh reports throughout the life of your tunnel. Helping inform investments, prioritise repairs and provide peace of mind to you, your partners and stakeholders.
New innovations and concepts
Our teams are at the forefront of new and exciting concepts in tunnel engineering. Not least the submerged floating tunnel, which has the potential to open up connections that in the past we could only imagine.
Arjan  Luttikholt - Deputy Managing Director / Senior Consultant

Arjan Luttikholt

Deputy Managing Director / Senior Consultant