Looking for a tunnel design? Use the TEC Tunnel Tool!

Use the TEC Tunnel Tool and receive a report presenting a tunnel design by TEC! The design is elaborated on a conceptual level and is based on primary data provided by filling out the form below.

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This automated design tool aims to show the possibilities (and limitations) of immersed tunnels for engineers, government organizations and contractors not too familiar with the concept. With a longitudinal section in hand, it can be compared with bored tunnel and bridge variants. With the cost estimations, the financial competitiveness can be weighed. Basic structural calculations are performed to substantiate the design although local ground conditions shall always be considered (immersed tunnels can be applied in very soft to medium-hard soil conditions). In any case, this document shows some basic principles of immersed tunnels.

Please be aware that this report is generated automatically by TEC and is unchecked, which means no rights can be claimed from this document. Do not hesitate to contact us in case of any questions.