Sustainability in tunnel engineering and design

Sustainability is a process and a way of thinking – one that challenges us to think beyond the norms that we’ve grown accustomed to. Our teams have the means to explore the possibilities and add sustainable value to your project.
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Tunnels have an unavoidable impact on the environment. We work to minimise that impact, while identifying and maximising opportunities to reduce emissions, promote circularity and embed nature and biodiversity.

We understand that sustainability can’t be achieved through any single action or innovation. Our sustainability experts think beyond tunnels and their technical specifications – approaching them holistically as part of a wider mobility system. In doing so, we find new ways to connect stakeholders and clients towards achieving greater sustainability.

As structures with long lifespans, our work in sustainability also covers the maintenance and retrofit of existing tunnels to ensure they’re safe and up to the latest standards.

How we realise sustainability in tunnels

A process for finding sustainable solutions

Sustainability requires collaboration and a keen understanding of the needs and possibilities unique to your project. Our experts have the processes to help you tease out what sustainability means to you. Together, we’ll identify opportunities big and small – and implement them seamlessly throughout design, engineering and construction.

Lowering the emission of greenhouse gases
We can calculate the carbon emission impact of your project, lower them, and incorporate carbon emissions in the tender documents and requirements for contractors. Elsewhere, we connect carbon emissions to the energy consumption of the tunnel – seeking ways to cut energy use and lower carbon emissions and costs.
Incorporating nature and preserving biodiversity
The impact of creating tunnels is unavoidable, but we believe there are opportunities to mitigate and even enhance nature throughout the design, engineering and construction process. From tunnels as highways for nature, to the creation of artificial reefs to promote biodiversity after construction – we can explore a range of opportunities with you.
A holistic approach to promote healthy mobility
Tunnels by their nature never stand alone, but instead connect mobility networks – sometimes across nations. We approach sustainability in the same way – viewing tunnels as one component of a wider mobility system and seeking ways to connect and embed sustainability across the network to promote healthy mobility.
Jos Schild - Consultant Sustainable Development


Consultant Sustainable Development