Keeping tunnels safe with dynamic systems

Dynamic systems are the crucial details that keep tunnels safe and operational at all times. From lighting and ventilation to emergency and security protocols, our teams deliver a range of systems and services bespoke to the needs of your tunnel.
The inside of the Calland tunnel with lights

Dynamic systems cover over 50 different components that must be incorporated within the development of a tunnel. Each has their own specific properties, and to add to the complexity, they must all function together and be integrated into civil structures.

Our track record in the design, development and implementation of these systems is proven. With our teams leading on projects in the public and private sectors, as well as playing a leading role in educating current and future engineers and stakeholders in the importance and functions of dynamic systems.

In projects, we are able to deploy the right specialists for each of the installations required. While our excellence in multidisciplinary and integral tunnel design makes us fit for the largest and most complex tunnel projects. As well as existing tunnels in need of retrofit or upgrading.

How we realise dynamic systems

Overseeing the integration of robust dynamic systems
We ensure a comprehensive approach to dynamic systems by appointing a SaSi (System architect System integrator) within each of our project teams. The SaSi guarantees the interaction and integration of dynamic systems within every aspect of our tunnel projects – from the tender phase, right up to and including the commissioning of a tunnel.
Setting the standard of best practice
As well as developing our own Masterclass Tunnels educational programme, our teams participate in more than ten different national and international steering and working groups for dynamic systems. We are proud to set the standard of best practice in our industry.
Appreciating the entire tunnel environment
Our work is spearheaded by a desire to contribute to global sustainable goals by 2030 and 2050. We do this in a range of ways, from designs based on circular materials, sustainable design principles, smart electrical installations and more. We develop combinations of solutions to the needs of each project and the wider environment.
A digital-forward approach
We enhance and augment the hands-on expertise of our teams with Digital Twins and other tools that allow us to simulate tunnel designs and operations. We use these tools to fine tune designs, as well as educate and inspire stakeholders, clients and operators.
Johan Kornet - Project and Technical Manager


Project and Technical Manager