Improving tunnel operations and reliability

Once the concrete is dry, the civil engineering of a tunnel doesn’t change dramatically. Unlike its systems, user demands, and the regulations it must adhere to. RAMS (reliability, availability, maintenance, and safety) assessment of all tunnel systems is essential to both design and operation.
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Our reliability engineers play a crucial role in ensuring our tunnels are designed to meet reliability and performance requirements.

Working closely with the rest of the project team, our specialists identify potential risks through the analysis of tunnel and system data. Combining performance data with information regarding maintenance schedules and equipment failure allows them to identify and address issues that might arise.

An essential element in delivering against reliability and availability goals is compatibility and integration of all tunnel systems, including electrical and mechanical. Our reliability engineers work with the rest of the team to deliver a seamless interface between all systems as well as with equipment suppliers to identify and confirm appropriate specifications.

Reliability in tunnels

Reliability integrated into design
Our reliability experts are involved in our tunnel projects from day one. Whether a new project or a renovation, through early involvement our team can provide the data to support design decision making. Incorporating RAMS from the start leads to opportunities to improve efficiency, reduce system downtime, and save money.
Installation design
Without major work to the concrete of a tunnel, there is an increasing focus on the internal systems and installations. RAMS can help guide decisions regarding installation choice and design, ensuring budget is spent efficiently.
Digital progress
RAMS plays an important role in the work of the BIM and digital twin teams. Incorporating RAMS calculations into the models helps deliver more accurate predictions, run better scenarios, and create and manage the tunnels efficiently and safely.
Ongoing support
As tunnels mature, both demands and regulations might change. Our team can remain on hand, even once the project is handed over to the asset operator, to ensure that RAMS are still in line with need and regulation.
Justin Sap - Reliability Engineer


Reliability Engineer

Peter Alink - RAMS Engineer


RAMS Engineer