Electrical mechanical systems: technical installations for tunnels

The electrical and mechanical systems required for successful tunnel operations are many and varied. From lighting installations and climate control to drainage, firefighting, safety routes, traffic management and communications, each installation plays a key role in smooth and efficient tunnel operations.
Tunnel ventilation system

With a team of in-house experts, backed up by the power of our parent companies Royal HaskoningDHV and Witteveen+Bos, we have the skills and experience to design and manage the installation of all key tunnel systems.

Regulations and guidelines for tunnel safety are regularly updated. This combined with increasing risks from cyber-attacks on infrastructure, means that designing resilient electrical and mechanical systems which can adapt and adjust rapidly to changing circumstances is imperative.

Working closely with our digital modelling teams and BIM experts we can create visualisations which validate and support design decision making. Ensuring that all tunnel systems integrate seamlessly to support efficient operation and maintenance.

How we realise dynamic systems

Everything to make a tunnel work

The technical installations of a tunnel make it possible for the tunnel to fulfil its function. Our experts have years of experience and the back up of thousands of colleagues to work with clients to understand their needs and to guide them through the design, tender and project management processes.

Inbuilt system resilience
Tunnel standard regulations are updated frequently and may be further affected by lessons learnt from accidents or incidents in tunnels around the world. Our experts have the experience to anticipate these changes where possible and adjust designs where necessary to ensure that all systems within tunnels are resilient and adaptable.
Keeping tunnels in operation
A period of renovation or maintenance for road or rail tunnels can be the cause of user frustration, traffic jams and revenue loss. We design tunnel electrical and mechanical systems to help minimise downtime during these periods, improving access and using adaptable systems such as traffic management to ease congestion.
Digital models for new and renovation projects
BIM and digital twin teams work closely with our electrical and mechanical experts to develop 3D models – using laser scanning technology to understand existing systems. Models support design decisions and provide an invaluable training platform for operators so that training can take place in parallel to any physical construction or alteration.
Frederik Wagenaar - Expert Electrical & Mechanical systems


Expert Electrical & Mechanical systems