Söderström tunnel

The tunnel in the Söderström is part of the Citybanan project and comprises a 340 m long immersed tunnel which is located between Riddarholmen and Södermalm.
The tunnel in the Söderström, Stockholm

Project description

The immersed tunnel will be part of a 6 km long tunnel with two railway tracks and connects the rock tunnels at either side of Lake Ridderfärden. The Söderström tunnel consists of three prefabricated tunnel elements, two short cut and cover tunnels and a joint house. Unique for Europe and due to the limited water depth the immersed tunnel is constructed as a sandwich tunnel with concrete and a double steel shell. The tunnel is placed partly above the lake bed on 3 pile groups due to the soft soil on top of the bedrock. After the immersion operations the three tunnel elements will be connected by means of prestress. The tunnel will be fixed at the southern end in the rock at Södermalm and has a free end at the joint house (at the northern end) where movements can take place.

Scope of work

  • Review of the immersion process plan and all related documents which are prepared by the contractor
  • Supervision / observations on behalf of the client during the immersion operations

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Piet  Barten - Specialist Immersed Tunnels

Piet Barten

Specialist Immersed Tunnels