Project Tunnel Renovations South-Holland PTZ

In 2022, Rijkswaterstaat (RWS) launched a tender for an agreement for (technical) consultancy services for the renovation and tunnel upgrade of 7 tunnels.
View into the tunnel

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Project description

The renovation and tunnel upgrade concerns these 7 tunnels:

  • 1st and 2nd Beneluxtunnel; 
  • 2nd Heinenoordtunnel;
  • Noordtunnel;
  • Sijtwendetunnel;
  • Drechttunnel;
  • Thomassentunnel;
  • Botlektunneltunnel.

The program involves the multidiscipline contract preparation and tender for the renovation and/or upgrade of 7 tunnels in the province of South-Holland. Project PTZ is the project for a number of new Industrial Automation tunnel building blocks, e.g. the audio and video building blocks. TEC must integrate and supplement the developed technical specifications and other documentation of the Industrial Automation building blocks in the contracts to be delivered. Part of the project goals is to support and invest in innovation and knowledge-sharing. In between the project itself from the first tunnel to the next and so on. This knowledge will be shared in the tunnel-industry. TEC is in the lead for this development and the implementation.

Scope of work

TEC provides (technical) consultancy for PTZ. Services currently ongoing:

  • Development of standardized solutions and/or concepts, such as escape doors, first-aid posts, modular facilities for the transmission network and energy facilities;
  • Development of the basic functional design and a basic contract for tunnels;
  • Replacement of tunnel technical installations, such as:
    • Energy supply;
    • Operating system;
    • Installations such as cameras, ventilation, escape route systems;
    • Pump systems;
  • Conducting civil research such as concrete damage, asphalt joints, zinc joints;
  • Development of sustainable applications;
  • Restoration or modification of civil constructions;
  • Restoration or adaptation of service buildings
  • Preparation of several permits along with environmental investigations;
  • Stakeholder management;
  • Traffic management;
  • Preparation of the execution contract;
  • Supervision of the execution;
  • Implementing knowledge management;
  • Overall program management on the contract for TEC.

Project facts Project Tunnel Renovations South-Holland PTZ

  • Client
  • Location
  • Project phase
    Preparation Phase
  • Country
  • Consultancy fee
    Approx. € 18 million
Johan Kornet - Project and Technical Manager


Project and Technical Manager