Golden Horn Unkapanı tube tunnel

The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IBB) planned the Golden Horn Unkapanı tube tunnel in order to replace one of the congested bridge crossings of the Golden Horn.
Golden Horn Unkapanı Tube Tunnel, Istanbul

Project facts Golden Horn Unkapanı tube tunnel

  • Client
    Yapı Merkezi-STFA-ASL Inşaat Group
  • Location
  • In co-operation with
    Local Turkish partner
  • Project duration
  • Country
  • Project phase
    Tender design

Project description

The tunnel cross section would accommodate two traffic tubes with 3 lanes each and a central gallery with a section for evacuation in the lower part and smoke extraction in the upper. Due to the combination of steep slopes, dense population and the need to connect to the boulevards a tunnel below riverbed was not possible. A submerged tube bridge was therefore the most suitable option.

Because of changing political priorities, the project was put on hold shortly after the selection of the successful bidder.

Scope of work

TEC supported by a local Turkish partner was responsible for the tender designs for:

  • the immersed tunnel including the foundation structures (civils)
  • the tunnel installations (MEP)
  • the temporary works for the construction, transportation and immersion of the tunnel elements
  • the interfaces at the abutments with the in-situ tunnel.

Special attention was given to the seismic design which was performed with use of the FEM program SAP-2000.

Hans de Wit - Managing Director / Senior Consultant

Hansde Wit

Managing Director / Senior Consultant