Genoa harbour crossing

The Genoa harbour crossing is a project concerning an approximately 4 km long road connection through the port of Genoa with 4 junctions to the city.
Genoa Harbour Crossing

Project description

The harbour crossing is design as a bored or immersed tunnel and is suitable for 2 times 3 lanes road traffic.

Scope of work

Study and preliminary design of the harbour crossing in Genoa, Italy
In the study several solutions are considered for a tunnel (immersed and bored), including ramps, viaducts and junctions to the city road network. In the study the different alignments and designs are compared. In co-operation with the Client, a decision was made for the solutions to be taken into account in the preliminary design. During the preliminary design both a bored and immersed tunnel are considered. The following aspects are designed and taken into account:

  • Alignment
  • Construction of tunnel, shafts, ramps and viaducts, incl. M&E works
  • Constructions works
  • Junctions to city roads
  • Costs estimate
  • Environmental study

Project facts Genoa harbour crossing

  • Client
    Tunnel di Genova
  • Location
  • In co-operation
    High Point Rendel, Technital, d'Appolonia
  • Project duration
    2003 - 2006
  • Country
  • Project phase
    Preliminary design
Ron van Beek  - Design Manager (large scale) Infrastructural Projects

Ronvan Beek

Design Manager (large scale) Infrastructural Projects