Tunnel traffic control centre - Tunnel renovation program Amsterdam

Early 2019, the municipality of Amsterdam launched a tender for a framework agreement for (technical) consultancy services within the framework of efficient future operation, management and maintenance of the municipality road tunnel system, covered under the Amsterdam Road Tunnels Program. Part of this program involves the design and realisation of a new Tunnel Traffic Control Centre.
Artist impression of tunnel traffic centre


Project description

In 2021 a start was made to develop the Program of Requirements for a new sustainable centre. In close corporation with the future users of the building and the various participants from the municipality, the goals for the new building are developed all in line with the current legislation and codes and sustainability ambitions.

With this PoR a solid basis was created for the further design of the new building.

The design is made in various steps:

  • The preliminary design: after the location for the new building was determined, the first sketches for the new building with approximately 1.000 m² functional floor space were made.
  • After review of the design the next step towards final design is made. During this phase at the request of the client, some changes due to new requirements were incorporated in the design.
  • In the last phase the tender documents are made, and after the final review of all documents the tender procedure is started.
  • The construction phase will start in the end of 2023 and the handover will be end of 2024.

Scope of work

TEC provides the complete technical consultancy for the new Tunnel Traffic Control Centre with all required experts in the integral project team. The core project team consists of architects, structural and MEP consultants and engineers and the project manager. The core team is supported by consultants for sustainability, building physics, fire safety and system engineering.

Project facts Tunnel traffic control centre Amsterdam

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    Municipality of Amsterdam 
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    Design Phase
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Robin Gerrets - Project leader/Consultant


Project leader/Consultant