Cut-and-cover tunnels

The history of tunnels begins with the cut-and-cover method. While less used today, cut-and-cover tunnels still have their place. Offering opportunities to benefit projects in combination with other tunnel types.

Cut and cover tunnels offer a cost-effective and reliable tunnel solution

When you don’t need to go deep underground, or have less restrictions at the surface level, cut-and-cover tunnels offer a cost-effective and long reliable tunnel solution for many projects.

Common in metro projects, where deeper underground tunnels transition to the surface level or at the station boxes, we bring our decades of experience in tunnel design, engineering and construction to cut-and-cover tunnel projects around the world.

Our embracing of digital technologies ensures that a historic tunneling technique is combined with state of the art construction technologies and is implemented with precision and optimised for the future.

How we realise cut and cover tunnels

A global team of specialists
As well as our own world-leading specialists in tunnel engineering and design, we’re able to call on the vast heritage of our parent companies Royal HaskoningDHV and Witeveen+Bos. Our world-leading specialists in tunnel engineering and design can make even the most complex projects possible – across multiple sectors and disciplines.
Bringing stakeholders on board
The nature of cut-and-cover tunnels put them in close interaction with other city infrastructure – both in construction and operation. Our expert stakeholder engagement ensures we bring key partners on board from the beginning to navigate complexities in collaboration and enjoy success together.
Making the right choice for your project
Every project has its own needs and challenges. Our experience across all tunnel types ensures we explore every possibility to find what’s right for your project. This robust approach ensures you avoid risks later down the line and can move forward with confidence.
Embracing digitalisation
We optimise the experience of our teams with Digital Twins and other digital solutions that help us simulate tunnel designs and operations. Through these techniques we’re able to quicken the design process, whilst increasing efficiencies in design and maintaining safety and high standards of operation.
Hans de Wit - Managing Director / Senior Consultant

Hansde Wit

Managing Director / Senior Consultant