Bored tunnels

As pressures on our cities and urban environments increase – from higher populations to traffic congestion and the build-up of infrastructure – bored tunnels offer a way to alleviate the symptoms through the construction of underground tunnel networks.
Tunnel boring construction

Full service to realise the complexities of bored tunnels

Whether metro systems, water and sewage or cabling infrastructure – bored tunnels bring critical infrastructure underground, to free up vital space on the surface to be enjoyed.

With a depth of expertise across all tunnel types, we bring geotechnical expertise, structural and civil engineering, project management and safety and risk management all under one roof.

Our hands-on experience with bored tunnels spans the globe – from harbour crossings in Genoa, Italy, to the North-South line in Amsterdam. Our teams were involved in extensive government research programs and pilot projects to introduce Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) tunnelling to the Netherlands. We navigated very soft soil conditions and high-water tables, as well as applications in sensitive historic urban environments.

We offer a full service to realise the complexities of bored tunnels. And together with you, we’re ready for any challenge.

Our expertise on bored tunnels

Navigating complexities to realise bored tunnels

Whether creating twin bored tunnels beneath the soft-soils and high-water tables of Amsterdam, or forging connections between districts within the high seismic intensity of China. Our teams are comfortable with complexity, capable of designing and engineering our solutions with these factors in mind, to create safe, robust tunnels.

Experience in all aspects of bored tunnels
Our teams can support through the full cycle of bored tunnels. From feasibility and environmental studies that will ensure your project starts on solid foundations, to the basic and detailed design and construction required to realise bored tunnels beneath complex city and heritage infrastructure.
Seamless integration with existing networks
Tunnels are connections. We ensure they not only serve their purpose, but wherever possible enhance and improve surrounding networks – to create a smarter, healthier mobility system.
Thinking smart and sustainable
We have our eye on the future and harness digital technologies to enhance the decades of experience within our teams – whether through Building Information Modeling (BIM) or Digital Twins. Elsewhere, we have the processes to explore and implement sustainability in big ways and small within your project. Ensuring your tunnel stands the test of time.
Jeroen de Leeuw  - Project manager and specialist bored tunnels

Jeroende Leeuw

Project manager and specialist bored tunnels