Renovation First Heinenoordtunnel

Starting in 2018, TEC is involved in the Renovation of the first Heinenoordtunnel project. On behalf of Rijkswaterstaat, TEC drafted the contract for the renovation works and is currently involved in the execution supervision, after the contract was awarded to the contractor-combination.
Construction Heinenoord tunnel

Construction works

The tunnel was completely closed in August 2023. During this month-long closure (called phase 2), several construction works took place in the tunnel. For example, a central escape gallery between both tunnel tubes has been built, the asphalt has been completely renewed and various tunnel technical installations have been replaced or newly installed for the escape gallery. Several colleagues from TEC are still involved in this project.
In the videos below, Rijkswaterstaat (our client) shows an overview of the activities week by week.

Replacement of all tunnel technical installations

After this tunnel closure, phase 3 will start, during which preparations for phase 4 will be made during various weekend closures. This phase will take place during the summer holidays of 2024 and will involve the replacement of all Tunnel Technical Installations. The expected opening of the tunnel will take place at the end of 2024.

Here is an overview and links of the videos (in Dutch):

Frederik Wagenaar - Expert Electrical & Mechanical systems


Expert Electrical & Mechanical systems