Corporation CCCC-TEC (TU Delft) on Submerged Floating Tunnel Studies

On January 26, TEC’s Hans de Wit and Ying Li had a meeting regarding Submerged Floating Tunnel Studies with the research team led by Mr. Lin Ming, general manager of CCCC JV and signed a corporation agreement.

In the past months CCCC and TEC, supported by TU Delft explored the possibilities and advantages of working together in the research on submerged floating tunnels for the crossing of very deep waters. It was a joint conclusion that with the knowledge and expertise available within the three organizations basically every challenge of design and construction associated with submerged floating tunnels can be met.

At the meeting the study plan, a 4-year research planning, technical challenges were discussed. Special attention was given to the opportunities that this research could offer to talents within the participating companies and to MSc and PhD students. CCCC and TEC are very confident that the project will produce impressive results and efforts will be made to accelerate the progress of SFT studies in the world.

people sitting at table and signing documents
Hans de Wit - Managing Director / Senior Consultant

Hansde Wit

Managing Director / Senior Consultant